USB Turntables Vinyl Record Recording Converters.

So you have an expansive vinyl collection and you would like to convert your collection to a digital format so that you can listen to your favorite music via your portable music player, or just for the simplicity and convenience of having your music available whenever you require and wherever you are situated at that particular moment moment in time.

The answer would be a USB turntable. Right?

Well it’s not quite as simple as that. It will work but there are pitfalls.

First up, do not waste your money on a cheap USB turntable. The cheaper turntables have an awful sound quality replication.

The Sony PSLX300 would be a good choice.

Second it is going to take you a long time to do the conversion from vinyl to digital, if you have a large vinyl collection. For example fifty minutes of vinyl is going to still take fifty minutes to record and convert. Multiply that by the amount of albums you have and you can see this is a time intensive proposition. So it’s probably a good idea to set aside regular ‘recording’ sessions.

That said once you have converted your favorite ‘sounds’ which inevitably you will convert first, you will begin to discover music in your collection that you had forgotten about. This alone is worth the time invested and the money spent on equipment.

Once you have converted your precious ‘sounds’ into¬† a digital format and made a secure backup of the media. You may wish to sell your vinyl¬† to free up some space or simply to release some tied up capital.
I would suggest using ebay as a platform to sell your vinyl, if of course you can bear to part with it.

What are your views or experiences with USB Turntables?