Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

Your main advantage with a Cordless Hedge Trimmer, or any cordless tool for that matter is electrical safety. There is zero chance of cutting an attached power cable, as there are no cables attached. You also are not tethered by a cable which means you can move freely around your garden getting to all those hard to reach places that were beyond your reach with a traditional corded hedge trimmer. Add a pole to your hedge trimmer and you eliminate yet another safety aspect of hedge trimming, namely climbing ladders (with all the perils that entails) to again reach those hard to reach places.

With an 18 volt hedge trimmer you will get about 35 minutes run time and with a weight of approximately 4.2 kg (9.25 lb in English money approx.) the hedge trimmer is no too heavy to handle. Add a pole and you can reach about 2.3m (again about 7ft 6in in English money).

Challenge - Cordless Pole - Hedge Trimmer - 18V

Challenge – Cordless Pole – Hedge Trimmer – 18V

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